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What is a W-2 Exactly?

Published on 10-06-2014

Most of us know of a W-2 but what is it really? Well, a W-2 has all your wage and salary information and is required by the IRS for employers to give to you no later than January 31. This gives the employee at least 2 months

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9 Important Tips to Avoid a Tax Audit in 2014

Published on 09-22-2014

Summary: In 2012 about 1.5 million Americans were audited by the IRS, the number although fluctuates a bit year-by-year, remains around this number. Many of those who got audited were chosen based on simple mistakes that could have been avoided. Knowing why the IRS audits and whom they audit

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Understanding 2014 Tax Brackets and How to Make Them Work for You

Published on 09-17-2014

Understanding 2014 Tax Brackets Summary: Every year the U.S tax bracket breakdown seems to change and many Americans are confused as to how this is going to affect them. Understanding how these tax brackets work will help you understand how to make these tax brackets work for you. First off, the

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