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Unfiled Tax Returns and Back Tax

National Tax Relief understands that taxes can keep you up at night if there are back taxes owed or unfiled tax returns weighing on your mind. When there are so many bills to take care of each month, there's not enough money to pay everything. Taxes get forgotten and payments to the IRS fall behind. Tax problems don't need to be permanent, however, and dealing with the dilemma of taxes owed doesn't have to ruin your life and impact your family.

If you are currently suffering under the weight of back taxes or unfiled tax returns, National Tax Relief offers swift and smart tax assistance. Through a consultation, we'll explain everything you need to know about the challenges you may face in getting your Federal or State income taxes paid and settled. We're able to speak with the IRS on your behalf to discuss settlements, and we can help to reduce penalties and interest owed.

It's vital that taxpayers know that unfiled income tax returns may be acted upon by the IRS at any time as there is no statute of limitations associated with unfiled income tax. The state or federal government may attempt to collect taxes at any time, even if an unfiled tax return is several years old. To qualify for the statute of limitations for federal taxes, which is ten years, back tax returns need to be sent in to the government. Financial health and protection of your family may depend on getting those back taxes filed before the government can threaten punishments like wage garnishment.

If you are confused about any facet of the tax paying process and want to learn how you can deal with unpaid taxes, consider the assistance of National Tax Relief for a free consultation. We offer highly qualified tax attorneys and CPAs who can help you find a swift resolution to your tax problems. We also offer legal assistance for problems with state taxation bureaus and the IRS.

Our aim at National Tax Relief is to offer you superior tax resolution service and provide the best tax relief possible. You don't need to keep worrying about unfiled taxes and the threat of liens, garnishments, and penalties. If you have tax problems keeping you up at night, make the call to National Tax Relief to speak with a tax specialist.

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