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Help from National Tax Relief

National Tax Relief is a company dedicated to helping both companies and individual taxpayers deal with IRS debts and audits. All you have to do to get our affordable services is call our toll-free number for a consultation and decide whether you want to be set up with one of our highly trained professionals.

While we are conducting your consultation, we will need you to answer questions about your problems with the IRS and your finances. This will allow us to assess the situation and give you an idea of how we can give you tax relief. All of your information will be kept confidential.

The question and answer process we go through with you is very thorough because we do not want to take on any clients that we are not completely sure can benefit from tax relief services. Every tax professional on our team has the goal of getting you a low monthly payment arrangement with the IRS.

Everyone from our CPAs to our attorneys will work hard to deal with your federal and state tax officials, keep you from having to deal with officials personally and resolve all of your debt and audit issues.

In order to give you specifics on how we will handle your case, we need to know more about you. For example, which IRS district you are dealing with will likely determine how they go about collecting fees and back taxes from you. Some are more likely to compromise. Other offices may go straight for your possessions.


Fees for Our Services

At National Tax Relief, you will pay a flat fee for our services for two reasons. Firstly, we have enough experience to know exactly how much work your case will take. Secondly, we know you do not need any more surprise expenditures or financial stress looming over you. We tell you how much this flat fee will be before you retain our services and will not change that fee unless you require additional services from us.

We typically ask that you pay anywhere from 30% to half of our fee upfront. The rest can be paid out in a monthly plan that gives you up to six months to cover the remainder. You do not have to worry about additional fees for services like faxes and paperwork. This is all included in your quoted fee. With us, there is nothing hidden in your bill.


Accepting Clients

Unfortunately, not everyone can get an offer in compromise from the IRS and your case will determine whether we take you on or not. The IRS has very specific rules dictating who is eligible for tax relief of this kind, so we will know if retaining our services is not worth your time or money. Of course, we could take you anyway and collect the fee, knowing that you will likely lose, but we have a guarantee, so you can be confident of getting tax relief if we take your case.

Call us today for your tax debt or audit consultation with our specialists today. You can represent yourself legally, but you may find the technicalities are difficult to sort out. Furthermore, dealing with the IRS is notoriously stressful and will take up a lot of your time. With a professional, all you have to do is hand over the information and follow our lead.

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