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Steps to Resolve Your Tax Debt

Many clients want to know how their lives will change and how long it will take. Upon retaining our firms some of the relief will be instant and some could take more than a year. Good news is we will permanently resolve your tax problems.

Changes will happen right away, but others will appear more gradually. Although you should keep this in mind when your IRS issues are disappearing, you will be happy to know that soon, you will not have to deal with the IRS on these problems anymore.


A Consultation with Tax Relief

If you are a new client, call or visit us to get started with a consultation. One of our tax consultants will analyze your IRS debt and let you know what your options are for eliminating it. In most cases, this meeting lasts about one hour, but the best options cannot always be determined during the meeting depending on how much information is provided.

  1. Retain Our Tax Relief Services

    After your consultation, you can choose to retain our tax consultants as your tax representatives in the future. If you decide to do this, you will need to sign a Retainer Agreement letter and decide on a form of payment for the services we provide you. At the same time, the IRS will receive a Power of Attorney, or POA, from us. The IRS will immediately begin contacting us instead of you, and you can simply request that they speak to us if they do contact you. For state tax issues, another POA will need to be filed.

  2. Starting the Tax Relief Process:

    One of our case managers will take charge of your situation and bring a number of qualifications to the table, including certification as Tax Attorneys, Enrolled Agents, or EAs, and Certified Public Accountants, or CPAs. We will work with you to create an effective strategy for your IRS debt resolution. You will be able to contact your case manager in person or by email or phone. Your case manager will be backed by a full team of technical experts who may also contact you in relation to your situation.

  3. Complying with IRS Regulations

    Before we can resolve your tax case, the IRS has to recognize you as a compliant taxpayer. You will find out how to get this done with help from your case manager, but it essentially involves showing that you are paying your current IRS debt along with any delinquent tax returns. If your record is incomplete, we can help you complete it and have it ready for filing.

  4. Tax Negotiation

    We will create a plan for resolving your IRS debt that works for you all the way to acceptance. We are known for our affordable rates when it comes to tax relief and for getting our clients the highest settlement possible under U.S. law. Still, the IRS does not usually accept proposals immediately. With help from our staff, all necessary information will get to the IRS and your resolution will be guided toward success.

  5. Achieving Tax Resolution

    We will look at the final IRS resolution regarding your case to verify that it is agreeable. If necessary, we will work to have it changed accordingly. In case the IRS is inflexible on certain matters, we will explain what you can do next. Afterwards, we will advise you on how you can make your resolution work and prevent tax trouble in the future.


The Value of Hiring a Tax Resolution Specialist or Tax Attorney

It is possible for taxpayers to represent themselves when dealing with the IRS regarding back taxes and other issues. However, handling IRS problems can be frustrating and time intensive. To make the resolution process easier, many people hire the services of a tax resolution firm or tax attorney to negotiate with the IRS towards a tax relief settlement.

End Your Tax Debt:
  • National Tax Relief serves taxpayers ­ in all 50 states – with offices strategically located near IRS Offices.
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