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Delinquent Tax Returns

It is unclear precisely how many tax returns go un-filed annually, but it is hundreds of thousands, at minimum. Failing to file your taxes can put you in a very bad legal situation and even land you in jail. Thankfully, we can help you handle your back taxes, file all late returns and request the IRS to remove their late filing fees.

If you have failed to file a return and are thinking about letting it go, you should know the following:

  • Neglecting to file a necessary tax return can get you criminal charges up to and including felony charges, depending on the details of your case.

  • You cannot arrange a payment plan for back taxes until you file your taxes.

  • The punishment for not filing your taxes is up to one year in jail and $10,000 per year you have gone without filing.

  • The IRS may end up filing on your behalf, which is called a Substitute for Return. This does not diminish your responsibility.

  • You will not get full deductions on a Substitute for Return. The IRS will only cover basic deductions.

The consequences of going without filing a tax return virtually always outweigh the consequences of filing and owing. No matter what your financial situation is, it is safer to owe and have filed than to not file. Filing will save you money, stress, audits and potentially jail time. It will also give you more negotiating room if you need to request a payment plan.

It does not matter how late you are filing your taxes. You have the legal right and obligation to do so at any time after the due date. You do not have to rely on the IRS to file a Substitute for Return. You do not even have to hire a tax professional, though this is often in your best interest and cheaper than going it alone.

Our company does thousands of tax returns every year and can do yours with the utmost confidence. We will handle your correspondence with the IRS, work to get you more money and keep the fees to a minimum. If you call us today, we will go over your case and offer you a consultation. We want to keep you from having legal ramifications for waiting to sort out your back taxes.

End Your Tax Debt:
  • National Tax Relief serves taxpayers ­ in all 50 states – with offices strategically located near IRS Offices.
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  • National Tax Relief resolves back taxes for corporations, partnerships, payroll and more.