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Bank Levies

There is no tougher collection agency in the world than the Internal Revenue Service. If you try to handle them by yourself without the help of legal experts on your side, you might as well try going to court without having a skilled attorney to back you up. It won't end well.

If you're facing an IRS levy, you're facing the risk of having the IRS seizing your accounts so they can collect the back taxes they want. This means, for example, that the IRS could literally file a bank levy, which would drain your checking and savings accounts in order to provide them with the money they're looking for.

The IRS has the power to levy any accounts or wages you are receiving, as well as any other kinds of income you might have. A company needs to comply with any levies it is served, whether it is a small business, a public institution, or a powerful company.

If it tries to refuse, the IRS can come after it too, in addition to the person whose accounts are levied. Since this makes the institution or individual that is complying with the levy have to face additional paperwork, this can also sour the relationship between the taxpayer and the individual or institution being levied.


IRS bank levies vs. wage garnishment levies

Bank levies are just for individual days when the levies are received; these are known as "one shot" levies, and don't leave you looking for tax relief as quickly.

Wage levies are different; they are put into place with employers and generally remain in practice until the IRS directly notifies your employer that they are releasing the levy. In other words, they are continuous, which means you'll really start looking for tax relief soon, due to the amount of money they take from your paycheck.


Pay attention to IRS collection notices to avoid their levying your financial accounts

If you have received an IRS collection notice, you might be panicking right now. However, there's no need to do so, as you aren't going to face it alone. Instead, why not look for a tax resolution expert to help you put away your IRS troubles and find tax relief once and for all?

If you are in legal hot water due to unpaid back taxes, it will be to your advantage to find a tax resolution specialist or a tax attorney as soon as you can.

It is necessary to file a collection appeal request with the IRS in a certain time window as well as learn and follow the guidelines provided by the IRS. If you don't do this, you might not have access to an Appeals officer who could hear your perspective and take your side against the IRS.

What you need is a company that will look at your IRS tax collection letter and give you the straight deal on the kinds of options for tax relief you have so you can get your particular IRS problems taken care of. Once you obtain our services, you can say goodbye to having to remain at the beck and call of the IRS.

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