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Unfiled Returns and Back Taxes

Forgetting or neglecting to file a tax return is no joke. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is adept at finding every person who might possibly owe them anything. You can bet they will figure it out and then you could be in deep water. In fact, if you do not file your taxes, you can spend up to one year in prison and pay up to $25,000 for every year that you do not pay individual taxes.

It is easy to let an un-filed tax return drift to the back of your mind in the hopes that the IRS has somehow missed you and will continue to do so. You should know now that this is unlikely and you are risking paying fees, including interest on back taxes owed, on top of possible punishments for misdemeanor crime. Your wages can be garnished and your assets liquidated. Act now if you have un-filed tax returns.

You can get out with just a few scratches, so to speak, if you take the initiative to file your late returns. The IRS tends to be less harsh with individuals who do not wait to be found out. This makes you eligible for the IRS Voluntary Disclosure Filing Program, which will keep you from becoming subject to a criminal investigation, provided you offer full disclosure and handle your taxes legally at this point. Besides, you could get some money back.


Owing Back Taxes on an Un-Filed Return

You could be holding back on filing because you know you will owe money. Firstly, the fees assessed for non-filers, including potential legal fees, are much more than the interest and late fees you would incur by adopting a payment plan with the IRS. By hiring an attorney, you have a chance at getting a low monthly payment instead of jail time. You may even be able to get an offer in compromise.


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