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Offer in Compromise

If you owe back taxes you can’t afford to pay we can help you. To help you with this situation, Congress created the Offer in Compromise program (OIC) allowing you to settle your tax debt for less than the full amount.

Our tax specialists can help you qualify for the program and reach an agreement with the IRS that can save you a substantial amount of money.


Settling with the IRS

Knowledge is power, and expert representation can really help you negotiate your tax problem. Knowing the ropes allows our experts to settle your back taxes for as low as possible.

The OIC program is not for everyone. Unlike bankruptcy, an Offer in Compromise is a privilege, not a right. Negotiating an OIC is complicated and time-consuming, taking up to a year. You must conform to the rules, guidelines and protocols set out by the Internal Revenue Code Section 7122. If you fill out the OIC forms on your own you will most likely be denied or pay substantially more tax than you can afford.


What tax resolution specialists can do for you

We negotiate your guaranteed lowest possible IRS payment allowed by law. We only take your case if we know we can solve your tax problem. Our in-depth pre-qualification interview reveals whether you are a candidate for tax relief. We look at all of your options and permanently resolve your tax problem for you with the lowest payment guarantee.

Navigating the OIC process with your regular CPA or attorney could cause you more problems than you started with. Not only could your Offer in Compromise be rejected, you may end up owing more to the IRS because of constantly building interest and further penalties.

The OIC program is designed for taxpayers who owe more than they will ever be able to pay. It allows them to pay a relatively small amount, which is accepted as full and final payment. While it would seem the IRS loses money by doing this, they actually realize a savings. The collections process is expensive, and many years of administrative costs can go into trying to recover money that they know the taxpayer does not have to give them. Eventually the statute of limitations will expire, usually after 10 years, and the IRS will realize nothing on all that invested effort. With an OIC, at least they get some money.


Types of Offer in Compromises

If you are simply unable to pay your tax debts you may be eligible for a Doubt as to Collectability OIC.  We will negotiate a settlement based on your inability to pay taking into consideration your current financial situation and of any assets you hold.

OICs are also a viable solution for you if you do not actually owe the tax or believe the calculation of your tax is flawed. If you are in this situation you can file a Doubt as to Liability (DATL) Offer and Compromise and ask for reconsideration of your liability.

If you are in either of these situations should contact us at 1-844-271-2200 to speak to a representative about qualifying for an Offer in Compromise.

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