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Reasons you should Choose National Tax Relief

  • National Tax Relief concentrates its practice on helping truckers with tax issues
  • National Tax Relief understands what truckers have to contend with on today’s roads
  • National Tax Relief knows the tax laws for truckers and trucking companies
  • National Tax Relief knows and understands your tax problems

Trucking is a demanding business – and it’s getting harder every day. New tax laws, reporting requirements, regulations, hours of service, fuel costs, and safety issues make trucking complex and challenging. You need a tax expert who can help you with your tax issues. Someone who understands your industry and the issues you face. Someone who is familiar with companies like yours and knows what it takes to save money, improve operations and grow successfully.

Our firm has been a leader in tax preparation for the trucking industry since our founding in 1991. We work with trucking firms, large and small, with operations across America.

The depth and breadth of our understanding of the issues and regulations unique to the trucking industry is unsurpassed. We know trucking is a low-margin business, so we strive to help you find every deduction you are entitled to.

National Tax Relief was formed in collaboration with BLM Tax Service a transportation tax service based in Riverside, California. BLM Tax Service assists middle-market trucking companies with bookkeeping, payroll, accounting and tax preparation, helping to find tax deductions and improve profits. Truckers and trucking companies benefit because, in addition to tax, accounting and payroll expertise, they receive tax advice and organizers specific to the trucking industry.

Our Tax Attorneys, CPAs and Tax Preparers are committed to keeping current with the the many changes in the trucking industry. The National Tax Relief staff supports the trucking associations. Additionally, we are frequently asked to be speakers on a variety of transportation topics. You can be sure our expertise is up to date and that we always give our clients the best support possible.

Our services for the transportation industry include:

  • Accounting Services
    • Payroll
    • Accounting
    • Bookkeeping
  • Federal and State Tax  Analysis, Planning and Preparation
    • Preparing Back Taxes
    • Offer-in-Compromise
    • Removal of Liens
    • Removal of Wage Garnishments
    • Corporations
    • LLCs
    • Partnerships
    • Independent Operator
    • Buy vs Lease Option

We’re ready to start working with you to provide solutions to the specific tax issues you are facing. Call us now. We’ll help keep your business going forward.


End Your Tax Debt:
  • National Tax Relief serves taxpayers ­ in all 50 states – with offices strategically located near IRS Offices.
  • You can retain National Tax Relief to begin solving your back tax problems today!
  • National Tax Relief resolves back taxes for corporations, partnerships, payroll and more.