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Don't be afraid of the IRS anymore. Get tax relief fast from the nation's leading expert in resolving back taxes and IRS problems.

  • We get to know you with a consultation
  • We find the best tax relief options for you
  • We permanently resolve your tax problems

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Just call us today and we will get to know you and your tax history. Don’t worry if you don’t know all the issues. We can get your tax information directly from the IRS or state department of revenue.



We get power of attorney.

As soon as you retain us, the IRS and state department of revenue will be required to contact us instead of you. We’ll help you become tax compliant and remove liens, wage garnishment, and permanently end your tax problems, guaranteed.*

"Unsure about what tax relief you qualify for? Have questions about back taxes? We’re here to solve your tax problems."

Gerald Reed

IRS Enrolled Agent

25 years tax experience


We only take cases we can solve.

National Tax Relief only takes cases we can solve. We get to know you with a consultation so we can be sure we can help you.


We end your tax problems.

We guarantee your tax problems will be permanently resolved. We will find all of the tax relief options you qualify for and will get you the lowest payment legally possible. We can also file your back tax returns for individuals, business and partnerships including payroll tax issues.*


End Your Tax Debt:
  • National Tax Relief serves taxpayers ­ in all 50 states – with offices strategically located near IRS Offices.
  • You can retain National Tax Relief to begin solving your back tax problems today!
  • National Tax Relief resolves back taxes for corporations, partnerships, payroll and more.