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Payment Plan FAQs

IRS Installment Agreements

The specialists at National Tax Relief have the skill and experience to help you get the best installment agreement with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Our experience of working with the IRS helps us to gain respect amongst with the Internal Revenue Service. Our specialists will take an assessment of your living expenses and monthly income. We will explain what the IRS's position is on "allowable expenses." We should tell you that your definition of allowable expenses and the IRS's are probably different. With your consent, we will work with the IRS to come up with an agreement that gives you a feasible solution to your unfiled income tax issues.


What are Installment Agreements?

The IRS wants you to file your back taxes and pay your IRS debt. When paying past due back taxes is not possible, installment agreements are a viable solution. An installment agreement is a payment plan that helps to make it possible for businesses and individuals to resolve their financial obligations to the IRS.

Installment agreements are good for people who cannot afford to fully pay off their IRS debt. These agreements give you the opportunity to pay your back taxes through monthly payments. The IRS has a list of guidelines to figure out the amount of the payments and the time frame you will get to repay the IRS debt. Certain criteria must be met to qualify for an installment agreement. All of your unfiled income taxes and tax returns must be filed. National Tax Relief works with the IRS to create an installment agreement plan that fits your budget.

It is our goal to devise an installment agreement that allows you to pay your other bills and keep your family afloat while repaying your IRS debt. If the agreement does not accomplish this, it is not a helpful solution. The IRS is generally flexible in terms of your repayment amount. Their concern is making sure the installment agreement is repaid before the expiration of the statute of limitations. Legally, the IRS has ten years from the date of the tax assessment to collect any outstanding taxes. In many situations, the amount of the debt is reduced so it can be paid within the statute of limitations. This arrangement is called a partial pay installment agreement (PPT).

We are skilled in negotiating installment agreement payment schedules that fit your budget and the requirements of the IRS. It is our goal to develop an installment agreement that does not cause you further financial distress. We understand the difficulty in filing unpaid income taxes and paying a delinquent tax bill. It should be noted that the IRS does charge a fee for all installment agreements. You should also know that is it important that you pay all future tax returns on time for the duration of this agreement.

A Revenue Officer may be appointed to your case if you owe a large IRS debt or if your debt involves payroll taxes. Revenue Officers are essentially debt collectors. They decide how much tax debt is to be repaid before the statute of limitations expires. Because of our longstanding relationship with the IRS, we are able to facilitate a repayment schedule and amount that is acceptable by both parties.

We work to get you the lowest payment amount and a repayment schedule that does not negatively impact your current living situation. The government will not agree to any type of agreement until you have filed all of your past and present tax returns. We will work with you to make sure this is done before working on your payment plan. The IRS does assess penalties and interest during the installment agreement. However, once an agreement is made, the penalties may be drastically reduced. Once the installment agreement is presented to the IRS, you will have a better idea of how to plan your budget under the plan.

After the installment agreement is accepted, The IRS ends any collection efforts. While your IRS debt is still owed, there is no threat of bank levies, wage garnishments or asset seizures. In some situations the IRS may file a Notice of Federal Tax Lien as a way to protect their financial interests until the debt if fully paid. Should you miss a payment or fail to pay any future income taxes, you will default on your agreement. When this happens, the IRS will restart any collection efforts.

Negotiating an installment agreement is much better alternative to what could result from collection efforts. If you are having difficulty paying your IRS debt and you do not qualify for Currently Not Collectible status or an Offer in Compromise, this is the best solution.

It is in our best interest to negotiate an installment agreement that works for you. If you are unable to pay the full balance of your IRS debt or is present installment agreement is not affordable, we can help you negotiate a better one. It is our goal to create an installment agreement that allows you keep your financial independence. We work to help you find a solution to your tax issues by filing your unfiled income taxes and developing a settlement. We aim to help you regain your financial security.

Please contact National Tax Relief to find out more about our services and decide if an installment agreement is the best solution for you. Our representatives are experts at negotiating IRS debt settlements and will work to help you resolve your tax issues.

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