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IRS Tax Relief FAQs

If you owe back taxes or have a business payroll tax problem you need an experienced tax professional working with you. It doesn't matter if you owe the IRS or a state taxing agency. Their number one concern is collecting tax.

IRS officers and state agents hear excuses and sob stories everyday and are numb to them. If you have an interview with the IRS or state taxing agency you should consider hiring a tax professional. Taxpayers who don't hire a professional usually make their tax problems worse and end up paying more in taxes.

With many years of experience in the tax industry, the tax professionals at National Tax Relief have both the expertise and the experience you want on your side. We can work with you to find the best solution to fixing your back tax debt. It is hard to have a good life when you owe back taxes. The goal of our service is to restore your financial security, get your life back and permanently resolve your tax problems.

Here at National Tax Relief, we are comprised of precision-oriented tax attorneys, enrolled agents and experienced certified public accountants (CPAs). Because we have years of experience working with the states and IRS we know what works when resolving back tax debt and what doesn't. Rather than trying to come up with a new way to handle the situation that may or may not work, we rely solely on our experience to ensure that you receive the tax relief you deserve.

If you need to avoid an asset seizure, lift a wage garnishment, release a tax lien or lift a bank levy, the best thing you can do for your life and financial future is contact a tax resolution professional. We can help, but you need to take the first step. You may need an offer in compromise or you may qualify for innocent spouse relief. You may need to enter into an installment agreement or penalty abatement. However, nothing will be solved until you contact a professional.

If you owe back taxes, do not wait another minute; the time to act is now. Contact the professionals at National Tax Relief for a consultation to take the first step in getting your life back and permanently resolving your tax problem.

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