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Lowest (Smallest) Settlement Guaranteed or Your Money Back

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If you get a smaller tax settlement from another tax resolution company, we'll fully refund your National Tax Relief fees.*

* Claims must be submitted within thirty (30) days of your National Tax Relief settlement date. Tax return preparation fees are excluded. This guarantee cannot be combined with the "No Asset Seizure and Bank Levies Guarantee" or the "Tax Resolution Guarantee."

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Prevent Asset Seizures and Bank Levies

Our primary goal is to prevent the IRS from seizing your assests, garnishing your wages or placing levies on your bank accounts. This is our promise to you.

Price Protection Guarantee

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How does National Tax Relief Inc. offer a Price Protection Guarantee?

When you reach out to NTR you will spend time talking to a qualified tax technician about your specific tax situation. They will dig deep and take you through a time tested unique interview process designed to accurately determine the details of your IRS issue. This process allows our Tax Technicians and team to figure out what options are available to you, what we need to do to get started and realistic results. No guessing here at NTR.

Once your Tax Technician has completed the interview process, which at times can take up to 3 conversations. They will share the detailed information with their team then provide you with the total fee to take care of your case from start to finish. We take the time now to understand your tax situation, this prevents us from having to charge you more in the future. Please note - if you have unfilled tax returns that you were not aware of during the interview that must get filed, additional fees will be required. If our tax debt is significantly higher and as a result creates additional administrative work, new fees will need to be assessed. Finally, if we are only representing IRS and you or NTR discovers there is an issue with the State, we can represent that issue as well for an additional fee.

Guaranteed Relief

Satisfaction Guaranteed — or you don't pay. Try National Tax Relief. If you're not satisfied, cancel your contract with us within 3 days of your signed contract for a full refund.

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